About Pain Glass Windows

Pain Glass Windows tells the remarkable story of survival, transformation and triumph in the life of a child abused by a psychopathic mother, a father with war-induced PTSD, and childhood bullies running gleefully unhindered in their attacks on the vulnerable.


The book and blog explain how the effects of childhood abuse, neglect and bullying impact the thoughts and emotions, how trauma transformation takes place, and how transformation becomes the platform for great triumphs in our own lives, the lives of our family members, the lives of our friends, and the lives of many others recovering from abuse and trauma.

The author of the book and blog is a former professor at a major university, currently runs a global consulting company, has authored several leading books in his field, is happily married to his wife of thirty-five years, and has two magnificent children. He has chosen to remain anonymous to prevent dishonoring his parents or the wishes of those wanting to remain un-named.


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